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Octobriana / Time Machine

Here’s a thing I just did for the art-zine “Couverture” – a magazine consisting only of covers. The topic for this 3rd issue is “Sexy Science-Fiction of the Post-Stalinist Age”. I went for a Octobriana meets Time Machine late 60s comic cover:

The zine will be printed in duotone and at this point the two colors haven’t been chosen yet, so the final result will probably look a bit different.

There’s a crowd funding campaign going on to pay for the printing of the zine, so if anyone’s interested in ordering an issue / supporting this project check out this link.

Not quite done yet…

I’ve found the time to make some neccessary changes to the gallery but there is still work to be done. The Stage Productions section is now more or less tidied up and I’ve added lots of tags to images in other categories. However, it will take a bit of clicking and typing before the search-by-tag function bears the proper results.

The shop is still empty, but I hope to be able to open it and fill it with products by the end of this week.

Long Live the New Site!


If you’ve been here before, at first glance this site might seem more or less the same. But in fact it has just been remade all spanking new: It is now powered by wordpress, has a blog feature (duh),  much more stuff to look at and – last but not least – a shop. I retouched many of the old backgrounds and icons and the graphics are size adjustable now and much bigger.

However, several of the new features aren’t quite done yet. There are plenty of artworks missing and the galleries are still in a bit of a messy state. I will have  have to put their contents into the right order and create several new button icons. The shop is functional in theory but I still have to sort out my availible products.

So I hope you like the redesign so far, make sure to come back some time to see the progress the site will (hopefully) have made by then.


P.S.: A big thank you to Philip for the great job he did with setting up the new site!