UNWELT #1 has arrived!
The first issue of UNWELT has arrived in geman language. (Not to be confused with the UNWELT Lovecraft Special which I published in English last year) It’s the first in a run of six collecting the strange adventures of Ray Murphy and Molluskhead, a series of comic short-stories drawn over the course of several years, and previously published in various magazines, fanzines and anthologies.
It can be ordered from the shop on this site.unwelt_boxes

Metal Heroes

Some of the illustrations I did for the adventure game book “Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock”, written by Swen Harder.

The epic(800 pages!) story is a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of heavy metal. You play a middle-aged out-of-luck metalhead who gets the chance of his (after-)life when the God of Rock – fed up up with his job and longing for a holiday – offers him to take his place.

I did a whole bunch of illustrations for this book, many are actual comic pages, keeping with the overall comic book-feeling of the story.

The book can be ordered here (among other places):

Despite the English title it is so far only availible in German.

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Besonders Wertlos

I recently designed this  wrap-around book cover  and some interior vignettes for the same book: “Besonders Wertlos“, a collection of film reviews and other articles by Jörg Buttgereit.
The vignettes accompany the respective articles’ titles and represent their subjects, and the idea was to have all the vignettes appear somewhere on the cover.
I made about 50 vignettes in total. Some are somewhat hidden on the cover or only represented indirectly, but it should be easy to spot the nine below.


Lovecraft Film Concepts

Some unused concept sketches that I did for a lovecraftian film project a while ago.

The first three are depictions of a certain terrible High Priest in the ancient temple on the plateau of Leng. The last one shows what a Shantak – the birdlike creatures that inhabit the plateau – might look like.




Shantak sketch
Shantak sketch